What We Do

The Healthy India Alliance aims to bring together stakeholders from the health and non-health sector to transform and accelerate India’s response to NCDs. The Alliance recognizes the deep-rooted socio-economic and environmental impact of NCDs and is working to foster partnerships with multiple partners from a range of disciplines and sectors to address the far-reaching consequences of NCDs.

The Healthy India Alliance functions on the following 8Cs principle


Serve as an inclusive Alliance to unite action, host meetings, recruit new partners, and promote the work of CSOs working on NCDs related issues


Facilitate screening, counseling and referral services for those diagnosed with NCDs

Capacity Building

Train health workers, survivors and other advocates in counseling, screening, advocacy and patient support


Align activities to the national, regional and global action plans on NCDs and SDGs


Ensure that government agencies recognise NCDs as a national development priority

Catalyse multi-sectoral advocacy

Undertake awareness campaigns, engage media, and educate people about NCD risk factors, end stigma and promote early screening


Ensure participation of non-health CSOs, particularly those working on environmental, gender and human security issues


Provide support for research and data gathering processes on NCDs