The Healthy India Alliance aims to create an enabling environment for active participation of health and non-health civil society organisations to prevent and control Non-Communicable Diseases through effective policies, partnerships and programmes.

Our Governing Board

The Governing Board provides strategic leadership to the functioning of the Healthy India Alliance and guides partnership building with various health and non-health stakeholders to advance the vision of the Alliance.

  • Association of Adolescent and Child Care in India
  • Alzheimer’s and Related Disorders Society of India
  • Cancer Foundation of India
  • Centre for Chronic Disease Control
  • Dakshayani and Amaravati Health and Education (DakshamA)
  • Health Related Information Dissemination Amongst Youth (HRIDAY*)
  • Indian Cancer Society
  • Madras Diabetes Research Foundation
  • Nada India Foundation
  • Pallium India
  • Public Health Foundation of India
  • Sundaram Arulrhaj Hospital
  • The Union South East Asia
  • Vital Strategies